Monday, February 20, 2006

My Dear Negroes

Our mission is complete. We have done our job. We have hit them where they live: We have taken their children. Remember when you were in junior high and the school asshole would steal your lunch? How mom made that special batch of brownies that she doused with Ex-Lax, and that you carried to school like they were the most classified military secrets waiting to be jacked by spies? Think of hip-hop as that brownie, and the wigga as THAT nigga. (He’ll love that, by the way.) Click here to see the shit fest.


Anonymous said...

You're mom used to poison school children with exlax? LOL
Who is the arrogant pasty white guy with his brother, sister, and tranny girlfriend?

Ernest said...

Actually, it wasn't my mother. My best friend in junior-high was tortured daily by a skulking asshole who looked like a college football linebacker. It was my friend's mom who baked the brownies. Trust, he deserved much worse than the runs.

Anonymous said...

How tha fuck you gon' be gangsta in a purple ass room? Adolph need to quit.