Monday, July 31, 2006

“The Final Solution” by Pamela Sneed

Last night in your arms
Touching your tongue to mine
I forgot
Lesbianism is an illness
Caused by a deficiency of good dick
Which might mean this love
Lingering on my lips is a disease
According to our parents
In their individual states
Who chant daily with the moral majority on channel 5
For our exile from society

In your arms I couldn’t see
The man behind us screaming
I was unnatural
His behavior was unnatural
So I crossed the street
Afraid he’d give me some good dick
And I’d be found in an alley
With my vagina ripped open
And my panties stuffed
In my mouth

This morning as I dreamt
Of you last night
A well-known newspaper
In the Black community
Printed a letter saying
We should be made to wear
Stars on our clothes
Be forced into ghetto camps
And if our perversion
Is still not cured
There will be a final solution.
    –      from Sneed’s 1998 collection of poetry, Imagine Being More Afraid of Freedom than Slavery

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