Monday, July 31, 2006

L.A. CRAIG’S LIST M4M AD FROM LAST WEEK (typos included)

I'll blow anybody who has Air conditioning
Reply to: XXX
Date: 2006-07-22, 4:49PM PDT

its too hot, seriously. I will blow, suck off whatever, if you just let me sit in front of the air conditioner, i'll blow your buddies. whatever. too hot. im dying here.

• this is in or around Pasadena
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audiologo said...

Oh my, this is some kinda heatwave madness. But people living above certain coordinates just don't understand what hot really means! I so enjoy reading your blog.Thank you for the poetry from Staceyann Chin and Pamela Sneed. I also appreciate that folks are writing about the death of Rickey Williams. I wrote about Jenni Olson's doc The Joy of Life on my monthly film roundup, and linked to Marvin K. White's writing on Williams. I hope you give us a new entry soon

Anonymous said...

You know, when I lived in NYC, there was a brand new gay bar that opened up in the east village on 2nd and 2nd, which was about 2 blocks from where I lived. When it opened, it was terribly un-hip and no one went there. However, I discovered it had a brand new kick ass air conditioning system. At home I had a pint-sized window-ledge air conditioner which basically blew the dust around. Well, you guessed it, that summer that bar became my new favorite hang out. Not because of the music, crowd, or drinks. It was the air conditioning. As 2 Live Jews once said, "oi! so humid!" I love this CL ad because I believe it is absolutely for real. Jack :)