Monday, July 31, 2006

Legend, Pure and Simple

      The great Willi Ninja, legend in Ball culture and one of the best and most influential icons of vogueing (Janet Jackson straight ripped off many of his signature moves for her “Alright” video) is best known to the masses (for lack of a better term) as one of the stars of Paris is Burning. But he was the subject of countless emails and blogs this past week as word went out that he was on his deathbed in a New York hospital, about to lose his battle with AIDS. But the great thing about queens is that they don’t go out without a fight. By the end of the week, Willi’s friend Emmanuel Xavier (spoken-word champion, actor and activist – and himself the victim of an especially brutal gay-bashing not that long ago) posted the following on his Myspace page:
    Willi Ninja asked that this message be blogged and forwarded throughout cyberspace to dispel any unfortunate rumors about his passing.

    Though he can only see silhouettes at this time and there is a possibility he may not be able to walk again, he is in very good spirits.

    He has been moved to his own room with air conditioning and has been granted unlimited visitation rights. His many House children, friends and loved ones have been keeping him company, taking very good care of him, providing him with pedicures and massages and treating him like the true diva he is. Though he has already been in the hospital for three weeks, it is uncertain at this time how much longer he will have to remain hospitalized.

    The Godfather of Vogue will hopefully make it through yet another battle. However, please keep Willi and his family in your thoughts and prayers. On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who sent their love and positive energy his way. He means so much to so many people and it is beautiful to see how much he is truly loved.

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