Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dem Boyz

Idlewild is a big disappointment (weak script, flimsy stock characters, energy that sputters and flares out, then flames up again), but Outkast, the duo, has renewed my faith. I interviewed them almost two weeks ago and was blown away by how palpable the love was between them. That interview is up online at the LA Weekly site (click here), so I won’t go into it too much here except to say that those guys exude a genuine brotherly vibe – sharing laughs, finishing each other’s sentences, giving dap to each other. I wish the movie could have captured something of their real-life relationship instead of merely recycling Prince’s mercifully slim filmography. Talking with the incredibly down to earth duo, it’s clear that they’re also serious artists. It was inspiring to hear them talk about music and creativity, as well as illuminating the rock solid bond between them. We see so much black-on-black animosity and cruelty in the media (especially in the ways that black men are depicted in relation to one another) and in real life (can’t front), that it was a high to be in a mix of brotherhood that reflects how so many of us really live and love one another. Or at least what we aspire to. And for the record, Andre is… Beyond gorgeous. Beautiful skin, devastating smile. Low-key but powerful southern charm. It’s easy to see why Erykah lost her friggin’ mind for a minute. Shit, I was ready for a straight jacket and an Alice Walker laying-of-hands when saying goodbye to him after just thirty minutes in his presence. Got a good book and got all in it / Tried a little yoga for a minute…

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soulbrotha said...

I just read the article and they remind me of me and my two best friends when we get together. It's so refreshing that they are real and NORMAL, not putting on any fake gangsta airs.
As far as Idlewild goes, I haven't seen it, but if it gives a better image of Black folks than the stereotypical tripe that gets made in Hollyweird (Whiteywood?), I will embrace it wholeheartedly, lousy or not.