Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dance, Disco Heat

A kid in the building behind mine, with a fence and something of a backyard between us, is practicing his turntablism at 9-something PM, and he's working on a classic disco set. He just did the most god-awful mix out of Tavares' "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" into Gloria Gaynor's "Never Can Say Goodbye," and it was a clusterfuck of massive proportions. It's like he didn't even TRY to match that shit up... and yet, it doesn't matter. Whirring strings, insistent beats, gorgeously arranged backing vocals, passionate lead vocals, and the push toward beauty in the quest for dancefloor transcendence. Made me smile. I'mma turn off my computer, open my window higher and lie in the dark on my sofa just to hear his whole set.

1 comment:

ronnie brown said...

"clusterfuck"!...that's an add to my vocabulary list LOL