Monday, October 30, 2006

Post Jack

I just read the following post on a Myspacer's blog (Miss Numa), and it so reminded me of someone that I jacked it to bring it over here. Here's her entire post (just the way she wrote it), with the pertinent part being the book she's talking about:

it's not fucking funny.

i have not left my house in three days.

i believe it was a combination of a chronic contact high and the flu bug that brought me down.

times like this are good for sleep introversion and won ton soup which is about all i could tolerate.

in between head aches i read a great book published in 1969 by theodore isaac rubin. "the angry book" deciphers the many codes of behavior that are actually masked anger.

the chapters are two pages long for easy mental digestion.

an excerpt: joking and boring

"many books have been written about humor and much time and space have been devoted to the relationship between humor and hostility. a sense of humor is most certainly a very valuable asset. to be able to laugh at one's self and at one's troubles, without contempt, can even be life saving. but i'm talking here about another kind of joking. i'm talking about a very severe poison that is comprised almost entirely by perverted anger. i'm talking about compulsive joking, a chronic form of joking that never stops. it frustrates, it bores, and it keeps people at a distance. indeed the compulsive joker cannot get serious even when someone else's life depends on it.

many of the compulsive jokers jokes are anything but funny. some are thinly veiled statements conveying extreme hostility. for the most part they are blatantly personal bigoted, vicious, vulgar, often disgusting, and always destructive. they are designed to sneak in and dissipate enormous rage under the guise of entertainment and good fellowship. they are always the antithesis of either warm healthy humor or warm healthy anger. more often than not they are a crashing bore, and the boredom itself is a very effective form of vindictive hostility. indeed the joker who is running out of jokes may turn to the poison brother-boring. i feel that chronic bores-people who insist on telling you personal details of their lives or things that you already know and they know you know-are actually engaging in a form of torture."

remind you of anyone? this is a great book... you can find it on amazon though i got my copy at a used book shop in venice. i identified alot of hidden anger in myself and understand better now the ways in which it has been directed towards me.
here's to mental health!

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