Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Video of the Week

Kinda speaks for itself...

Yeah, lyrically / thematically / conceptually it's flawed as fuck; there are some fire-ringed loopholes in logic (his own use of the word "nigga" when lashing out at the ways in which black folk have embraced terms and modes of degradation; the low-flame misogyny that girds his critique of women-who-ho-themselves in hip-hop and beyond; his casual use of the term "gay" as the ultimate slur when talking about trifling, um... "niggas." And his intentionally hyberbolic use -- and depiction -- of the word "lynching" is gonna cause many folks to scream foul and miss the point altogether.)

And yet... You can't deny the validity of his larger points. This is what it sounds like when exasperated Negroes cry. Sometimes emotion overwhelms smarter cultural and political discourse, but there is truth there. Namely, that the pimps, thugs and hustlas swarming through rap are the true modern day Uncle Toms, doing massa's bidding.
And props to him for giving props to Oprah. I'm not even a fan of hers, but the ways that so-called hard rappers have whined and stamped their thuggy little feet because she won't have them on her show... In a word: bitch-made.


Gordy said...

WOW. so much to say, so few words... for even a semi-layered critique. this is one for the academicians to sort out. LOL!

EH said...

LOL... I think I know what you mean.

I'm really torn on this one. My gut response, my visceral reaction, which is to immediately co-sign the basic message, is also just as quickly mediated by the glaring flaws in the presentation. The misogyny bums me like you wouldn't believe. But it also is in line with how, historically, very few of our revolutionaries have been up on their gender and sexuality game.

I have to admit, I'm just really over the whole arguments that:

1)the thug/gangsta shit is just entertainment and no one bashes white guys who make hyper-violent pop art. I mean, why are you jigaboos so desperate to even follow that fucked up template? Stop being so tethered to these fucked up and destructive definitions of manhood, using "but Opie's doing it" as your fucking defense.

2) that they're keeping it real by telling you what's going on in the 'hood. But they're not. This shit is so obviously second-hand, regurgitated reality as rubber-stamped by non-black folks in the music industry because this is niggerdom they know, jack off to and can easily market.

I go back and forth on the song and video, but I love that it's generating convo and that it's doing so in the langauge of those who actually consume this music and these images (and I should flip that shit... 'cause it's IMAGE that's really being sold here.)

But c'mon Gordy. Youz a smart one. I *know* YOU can find words...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you E. %100. Was that one on MTV? lol