Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Hiatus / Addendum

Was all set to pull away from the blog for a minute (see post below), then I woke up to the following email from my friend Vaginal Davis, which she gave me permission to share. I'm very happy for her because I know she's been deeply unhappy in LA for a very long time. Los Angeles, contrary to whatever sunshine and glitter rep it has with folks who don't live here (and with the rich folks that do), is a very, very hard and unforgiving place to live. It's only getting more so. I've said it for years and the reality has arrived: We are straight-up Brazil, now. No favelas yet but that rich/poor divide ain't no joke and it's only getting deeper. The grind of living here is especially heavy on ordinary black folks. As I said, I'm happy for Vag but bummed for purely selfish reasons: She was one of the elements made LA cool and fun and interesting in ways that are immeasurable and beyond words. Now, I have to raise the funds to go visit her crazy ass...

Vag's email:

"thanks doll for sending that article from the LA times. I am now permanently based in Berlin Germany, and its things like that which made me leave Los Ang in the first place. Strangely enough i am not missing it one bit, of course i'm sucked into the glamour of the Berlin Film Festival where my installation, Cheap Gossip Studio-Rumourville,is the talk of the Berlinale. They are also screening three of my movies, which i didn't expect since i didn't enter them into the festival, i'm also being deluged with swag by all these companies courting me and just wanting to give me things cuz i'm a woman. nice welcome to my new city, where i have a great apartment. its cold here, but hopefully i'll get use to it. love and kissy kisstata to silverlakey."

Okay, now I am gone til' november. (Naw, just March 15th...)


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Anonymous said...

I'll miss your posts. See ya in March.