Sunday, March 11, 2007

300, the movie...

I haven't yet seen the film 300, but here are my two favorite reviews so far:

From the Datalounge site:
"It's gay porn and a military recruitment film all in one. What's not to love?"

And from J. Matthias on MySpace:
"The combined might of Asia, North Africa, and The Middle East cannot defeat three hundred determined white dudes...

You know if you combine this with Frank Miller's constant need to punk Ultimate Jew, a.k.a. Superman every time he gets a chance, and the treatment of women in Sin City, I would have to say the Frank has some serious issues he needs to work out. Seriously... Miller needs a hug. Oh, and why were the Persians led by RuPaul?

Great movie though. Just don't let it get into your subconscious."

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Richard said...

Here is my opinion that I posted on Joe.My.God

My pet peeve was the fact that here you have 300 gorgeous men with bulging abs, bulging thighs and bulging..well, bulges! And you mean to tell me that the ONLY male nudity we get is the star's backside (hidden)IN THE SHADOWS??!! But yet, we get shot after vomitous shot of his flat-chested queen's erect nipples as they are gettin' bizzy. 300 MEN & NOT ONE COCK SHOT!!! I want my money back!

I just saw Little Children and Patrick Wilson's gorgeously perfect bod had me in heat the rest of the night! His ass was more memorable than the entire "300"!