Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Kind of Fuckery is This?

Not really feeling the strong undercurrent of Great White Hope-ism wisping the stateside media reception that's been granted the aptly surnamed Amy Winehouse, but goddamn Back to Black is a fantastic CD. I only heard a few tracks when it was available solely on import and I liked what I heard (a big departure from her debut, Frank) but I wanted to hear more before becoming a convert. I'll now gladly sign off on the hype. That she dropped the word "fuckery" in a lyric long after it's receded from popular usage (at least among the malcontents I know) makes me love her boozing / allegedly ('cause I ain't trying to get sued) drugging / clearly tortured ass even more. I'll check in later with a more detailed review but I'll just say now that the wit, humor, pathos and intelligence of her songwriting, the near perfection of the production, and that aged, wizened voice are just killing me right now. And I am a dick because part of me is keeping fingers-crossed that she actually just shows up for her LA concerts next week and puts on the kind of show that has made jaws drop in awe... But the trainwreck she can so often be also has its admittedly fucked up appeal. In the meantime, here are some clips:

MUSIC VIDEO 1 from the new album

MUSIC VIDEO 2 from the new album

MUSIC VIDEO 1 from debut album (available on import here in the U.S.)

MUSIC VIDEO 2 from the debut album


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