Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Language Geek

It should come as no surprise that I love language -- the sounds of words and phrases, the harmony struck between those sounds and meaning. In much the same way that people go through phases were they eat a single dish or cuisine until they get sick of it (days, weeks at a time) and then move on, words and phrases pop into my head and linger, sometimes appearing in a few different articles I'm working on until I'm full and push away. The phrase I've been chewing on lately is false equivalence. I think it's because you see it so much in practice these days, especially whenever an oppressed group or person speaks or acts against their oppresors/oppression in forceful ways, and are told that they are as bad as the power they are fighting against. You see it all the time. While procrastinating and surfing the web when I should have been finishing up the manuscript to Blood Beats Vol. 2, I stumbled over a cool blog entry that made me smile... it put exactly into words what I've been wrestling with and trying to spool into a blog entry for this site. Check it out here.

Blood Beats Vol. 1

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