Thursday, June 28, 2007

CP Time is Real

Apologies for not updating in forever.

I've been swamped with travels (D.C.; Howard University / San Francisco for a reading), doing rent-paying writing (pieces for the LA Weekly and LA Times), and finishing up the manuscript for Vol. 2 of Blood Beats. (This second child is kicking my ass but is, I think, stronger than its older sibling.) I would have to go to an old-fashioned, Tennessee Williams style sanitarium and sit out on a lush, green lawn, staring up at the sky for weeks on end, doped up out the ass, just to come up to the level of being merely exhausted. Plus, I just turned in the liner notes for the Luther Vandross box-set that drops later this year. (It's gon' be a niiiiiiiiiiice set.) Part of the hook that snared me into writing the Luther notes was the fact that one of my idols, the great, great Nikki Giovanni, is writing a new poem just for the set. I hope to drop some new writing here soon. I've seen Michael moore's Sicko (really good but still has some of Moore's patented, bombastic flaws), Hairspray (which I liked a whole lot, which shocked the hell outta me as I loathe show-tunes; it's better than the original but has a couple of predictably fucked up racial snags), and I just reviewed the new Donnie CD.

When do the ho'ish groupies arrive?

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