Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Video of the Day

Enrique Iglesias in the most gangsta move of any male pop star in recent memory.

      While gay rumors have surrounded him for years, unlike other male celebs, pop star Enrique Iglesias has always taken them with good humor. And apparently aware that a big part of his fan base are gay men, Enrique serenaded one of them at a recent concert in London.
      Normally when he performs the track "Hero" he invites a girl up on stage to serenade her, but given his audience, things were a bit different this time. The crowd went wild as Iglesias asked a young man on stage and unabashedly gave him the treatment.

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redbone said...

wow!!! this unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes--and i don't even know the song. how sweet, que romantico... thanks for posting it.