Friday, December 07, 2007

Flashback weekend

These three YouTube clips are audio only. They're songs of my youth that exemplify my favorite kind of dance music: funky, playful, sexy. Effortlessly cool. First up is Howard Johnson's "So Fine," which dominated Detroit radio and basement parties the year it was released (1982). "Throw ya head back (back, back, back) / lean it to the side / hey, fellas, ain't she fine..."

Next is the Alton McClain & Destiny hit "It Must Be Love," an Emotions knock-off filled with its own sparkling charm. As a boy, I hated this when I first heard it. Back then, "biting" was frowned upon. At least by music geeks like myself. Eventually, though, I was won over. This one triggers lots of great memories of the south, my family, dancing in the living room and turning the volume up way too loud for my mother's taste...

Last is "All Night Thang," which I think speaks for itself.


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