Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pop some corn, pull up a chair

      Last week, I wrote a brief take on Gloria Steinem's now infamous New York Times op-ed in which she set up gender against race (while pretending not to do so) in order to make the case for folks voting for Hillary Clinton. Like many white liberals / progressives, her use of both racial metaphors and race realities was inexcusably stupid, rooted in the transparent impulse to hold on to skin hue privilege while pretending to be radicals swinging at the status quo. Yesterday, Ishamel Reed posted a rebuttal on the site Counterpunch and took no prisoners -- Steinem, both Clintons, as well as the New York Times and its transparently backward and oblivious perspectives on race were all thoroughly eviscerated. It's a very long but hugely entertaining and illuminating read, and you can get it here if you haven't peeped it already.

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soulbrotha said...

Surprise, surprise, the NYT has announced their endorsement of Hillary as they feel that "she has more experience". Uh huh.