Saturday, February 23, 2008

Craig's List Ad of the Day

Maybe it's 'cause I just finished writing a piece on Kara Walker, but this ad (placed on Craig's List in Houston) made me laugh. What I love about it is that it shows just how deep, absorbent and never-ending America's quagmire of racial/sexual shit is when even the poster-boy for "post-race" America (now that, Bill Clinton, is a fairytale) is absorbed into the psycho-sexual race-play narrative that is the true all-American story, and he is rendered but a prop in the ongoing black/white power-play booty-call. I suspect that it's just a joke/prank, and that the guy who posted it is likely just some bored white boy still living in his mama basement. But I really hope that it's real.

Hung Black Male (9)_Seeks White Masc Bottom To Pound Wearing Obama Msk -
I am an attractive, in shape hung (9 inches) black male from Atlanta here on business. I am looking for a masculine white male to service me, then get pounded in my hotel room today or tomorrow (saturday). Send your pics, stats and background info. I want to wear my Obama mask while I pound you.

Here's the link. Don't know how long it'll be up.

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Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

Obama mask while I pound you?! Is HE serious with this ad?! then again he probably is or just curious to see who will cooperate and execute this "fantasy" with him