Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sight + Sound of the Day

I've had the Ashford & Simpson Hits, Remixes & Rarities CD for a minute now but only broke the shrink-wrap last night, and cannot stop playing it. Disc 1 has the original versions of the curated tunes (including the OG 12" disco versions of "Over and Over," "Tried, Tested and Found True," "Don't Cost You Nothing," and my all time favorite "It Seems to Hang On.") Disc 2 has some smoldering remixes of the same tracks found on Disc 1, with the Tommy Musto "Re-Touch" of "It Seems to Hang On" being straight up aural crack. I can't stop playing it. Musto's reworked the live instrumentation so that it's still warm and hypnotic, layering the background voices ("it seems to hang on..." looped like a bewildered lover's rocking chair hymn) in a way that pays homage to the fact that Nick and Val were not only consummate songwriters, but peerless producers and arrangers who knew how to make the voices they were working with (including their own) shine. In fact, the remix disc shames a whole lotta the "remix" projects that have dropped over the last several years... and with the great Tom Moulton and Paul Simpson on board as just two of the remixers, how could it not? This is disco in all its soulful, funky, genre-busting, evergreen glory. Below are the original "It Seems to Hang On" followed by a live performance of the song by Ashford & Simpson... and then followed by Sylvester's unfuckwitable cover of "Over and Over," a song he simply made his.

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one soulful negro. said...

i need to put some more ashford & simpson in my life. i need to go buy another record from them.

Darrius said...

this set is amazing. your post said everything that needed to be said. here's hoping they reissue some of those classic A&S albums. i don't think any of the original Warner albums are available on cd.