Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cass Tech 84, Need I Say More?!

      I lived in Detroit from 1980 – 1984. During that time I attended Cass Technical High School, located in the heart of the city, and took either the Grand River or Linwood buses to school. My radio was always set to the Electrifyin’ Mojo. After-school TV was always, always “The Scene,” which was gauche and gorgeous, tacky and trend-setting all at once. Bougie Negroes clowned it (ask me how I know) but never missed it, and would hold mocking send-ups of the show, its dancers and dances, that allowed them to access the niggerish side of themselves. The show was hugely popular and influential. Vanity 6 and The Time were frequent guests when they were in town. The combo of Mojo and “The Scene” gave me an eclectic, electric foundation of musical diversity that I knew even as a teenager was something special. In this Clear Channel moment, I now feel like I got in the last thrust at the last orgy in Rome before shit collapsed. So, here’s my tribute to Detroit and Cass Tech, with special nods to the folks in PA, and the teachers we drove crazy but whose imprints are on us for life. The first few clips are from “The Scene” back when I was watching it. The rest of the clips are the songs you’d have heard on the Electrifyin’ Mojo’s show; some of them have video, most are audio only.
      R.I.P Ms. Hurd

Classic Scene shit…

Kano: “I’m Ready”

Slingshot: “You Shook Me All Night Long”

Tom Tom Club: “Wordy Rappinghood”

ELECTRIFYIN’ MOJO: A Partial Play-list

Bus Boys: “Did You See Me?”

Alisha: “All Night Passion”

George Kranz: Din Daa Daa

Howard Johnson: “So Fine”

Skyy: “Call Me”

Linx: “You’re Lying”

Culture Club: “Miss Me Blind / It’s a Miracle”

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