Sunday, September 21, 2008

AP Called Out...

In the blog post just below this one, I'd originally included a link to an AP wire story that claimed new polls show Obama is likely to lose the upcoming presidential election because white Democrats are not able to put aside their racial biases to vote for him. The story made a huge internet splash over the last few days and has been blogged about and emailed a great deal. I took my reference to the story and the link to it away after reading this... While I definitely do believe that race is, and likely will be, an issue in America, and while I know that there are lots of white folks who ain't votin' for a niggra, I also believe that a lot of folks working in the media have vested interests in stirring the flames of racial bigotry, of deepening the divides, and in shaping "facts" and "data" in a way that furthers a fucked up agenda. I think there was truth in the AP article, but I also think it was far from an objective hand shaping it. Anyway, check out the link I provided. It's a long, detailed dismantling of the AP piece and of the guy who wrote it. Worth a scan.

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