Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Art of Obama's America

I'm on deadline and will blog semi-seriously about the election and its results shortly, but I will say now that one thing I'm kinda dreading is the art that's gonna come forth now. It's a cliché, both true and not, that from wretched times springs good art. There definitely is something to the notion that adversity and demons-to-slay fires up a lot of people's muses in the best way. And that's precisely one of the reasons I am sitting on trepidation regarding the art that will be inspired by the Obama presidency. (For the record: Yes, I am happy he won. I voted for him.) Judging by a lot of the wretched professional music videos, Youtube joints, poetry and emailed free-styled "words of wisdom," that were created by folks "inspired" by Obama, we are now in for some sappy, sentimental, corny-ass shit. I suspect we'll see less of this kinda artfully inspired playfulness and than we will strained profundity and wan soulfulness like this. And I'm not quite sure how, but I'm blaming this on Obama:

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