Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update, PT. 2 / Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

Really sorry I didn't update yesterday as planned. It's been crazier than I thought it'd be. I'm prepping to interview Cheryl Dunye and Jeffrey Wright (separately) for profiles in Flaunt, and I just did an interview with singer-songwriter Jay Brannan, who is truly fantastic. I will blog about these folks and some other items this Saturday. In the meantime, I am doing last minute stuff to ensure that tonight's Blow Pop (please click that link) is as great as last month's. If you are in LA, come out and join us.

BLOW POP is a chill, house-party style club thrown by New Ninjas, a collective of LA artists that includes Kim Blackwell (actor & writer), Jason Van Veen ("Boondocks" writer & film maker), Ernest Hardy (film critic, poet and author) and Kim Hill (profiler).

The night kicks off with a short film and a classic episode from one of your favorite vintage Negro sitcoms. Then the two Kims hit the decks to spin hip-hop, indie r&B, classic soul, the coolest disco, rare groove and some shit we can't categorize.

Doors open @ 9pm and there's a $5 cover. The club menu includes catfish, red beans and rice w/ sangria, and more. PLUS there will be giveaways.

Address: Club Fais Do Do / 5257 West Adams Blvd. / Los Angeles, 90016

Here's a mini-YouTube playlist of Blow Pop-esque fare:

And these are especially for Mica, Monica and the 2 Kims:


ReggieH said...

Please throw yourself at Jeffrey Wright's feet on my behalf! I think he's an amazing actor, and have an absolute obsession w/Basquiat

Frank León said...

Keep up the great work. Glad someone is still paying critical attention to the (much overlooked) work of Cheryle Dunye.