Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tribute to Caron Wheeler

My fumes are running on fumes and I can't seem to get ahead of the demands of the too many projects on which I'm working. So of course I've been wasting a lot of time surfing back-down-memory-lane on YouTube, revisiting one of my first female video crushes. It was Caron Wheeler who, in the snippets of her dancing, lip-synching to her backing vocals, and just being Caron, caught my eye. She, as part of the duo Afrodiziak along with her partner Claudia Fontaine, added much presence and flavor to these two mid-late '80s videos from two of my favorite artists, Aztec Camera and Elvis Costello. Enjoy. And I hope to get back onboard with a fresh new post by Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

BONUS live performance

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