Monday, January 26, 2009

If I Were President

We've already heard from Wyclef, Mos Def and Murs on what they would do if they were President. If I were president, my platform would ensure that I'd be kicked out of office within hours of being sworn in. But my cabinet would still be around to provide you with endless hours of merriment. Here they are. Some old faces and some new:

My Vice President

Secretary of State serving her negotiating skills: Here.

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Health

Secretary of the Treasury

The President's Council on Fitness: Here.

My Sec. of Defense would immediately repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Dept. of Education at work

And yes, homos can marry, and full civil rights are extended:

Secretary of Joy:

Of course, the inauguration would be a big deal. There'd be:

The Opening Prayer

The Parade to the White House

Obama had his musical performers; here are mine:

The Children's Concert

Better Than Beyonce

The Ted Haggard Dancers

And the closing words from the philosopher I would proclaim America's Poet:


Lisa Seymour said...

Four words: YouTube is the Devil. LOL!

Kim Blackwell said...

Ernest Hardy for President!