Monday, January 19, 2009

Late Pass: Angela Davis

I don't know how I missed this Angela Davis interview (in two parts) when it was first put online a few months ago, but I am glad I found it. I could listen to Angela Davis all day, everyday. Here, she boils decades of work, research, thoughts and activism into a succinct analysis of the prison industrial complex and how it functions not only as modern-day slave labor but as a means of population control, "managing" and keeping hidden society's undesirables. The role of education (or the lack of it) is underscored. I am most pulled by the fusion of poetry and politics as she speaks of the racialized memory of institutions, and how that memory thwarts forward social motion / evolution. Check it out.


Jack Curtis Dubowsky said...

Young Turks' analysis of the View and comedy shows with political guests is spot on.

B-More BAP said...

Greatness! Everything about her!

ScryptKeeper said...

awesome! happy birthday angela davis!