Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Lord

Except for those times I can snag a few hours of relaxation and catch up on TV shows in DVD box-set form, I no longer watch much television (not for snobbish reasons... I just don't,) thus I tend to be out of the loop on a lot of current pop culture conversations. So I didn't see this staggeringly offensive ad when it first ran:

Harry Allen breaks it all the way down, and quite wonderfully, right here.

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butch said...

Thanks for posting on this. I saw the ad for the first time just last night and was stunned. Mr. Allen's breakdown was excellent and I'm glad he referenced Obama and the great cultural scam of "post-racial." At the heart of the notion of a "post-racial" world is a static quality. If we are to believe that race has spontaneously obliterated as a concept it certainly does not mean this is true but what DOES happen is that people freeze their concepts of race at the post-race moment and reinterpret them as the moment of absolution. In short, the post-racial notion casts us all as modelquins: hard, immobile, fatuously smiling figures that refuse to move beyond an abjectly offensive dynamic.