Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming Soon

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of real updates. As many of you know, the last several years have been brutal for folks in the world of media. Freelancers (such as myself) have been especially hard hit. (Many of my writer friends -- and almost all my freelancer pals -- have moved on to new careers altogether.) The last year or so has been very "feast or famine" for me and after a scarily long stretch of famine I am... well, not feasting but mercifully and happily juggling a full plate. I just last week turned in liner notes for a new Wu Tang Clan compilation, am working on a short overview of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, just interviewed Cheryl Dunye again (this time for a profile in the LA Weekly; a few months ago it was for Flaunt,)and am prepping for speaking gigs next month at DePaul, Princeton and the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Gonna try to update the blog... soon.


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