Friday, April 17, 2009

Wendy & Lisa make it "Official"

Read their revealing interview in Out; click here.

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Jack Curtis Dubowsky said...

That interview in Out is Amazing. Feels very true and revealing of the times. What else amazed me was their description of Trevor Horn!!!! Marc Almond's description of Trevor in his autobiography Tainted Life is not nearly so damaging, although it is pretty clear Marc wasn't terribly happy with Tenement Symphony (even though I think it was one of his best.) Anway, those statements about Trevor being this homophobic conservative orthodox Jew in consultation with his rabbi about homosexuality... freaky! Seems very very VERY odd given his discography... of course it even makes me think about Phil Spector!!!! How well do we know these people who spend their lives locked away in tiny caves till they have "studio tans" of unhealthy pallor! How or why did Trevor get such a client list with that kind of vibe? Did he never get a reputation for that kind of behavior? Amazing. Trevor Horn. Can't imagine.