Saturday, June 20, 2009

Naomi Klein Breaks it Down... Again

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werkshop said...

Does anyone else find it a little creepy that all RT's correspondents seem to be young, cute and female? There are no good Russian correspondents who aren't young, or aren't cute or aren't female?

Klein is right on in many ways, but I think she paints a little bit too rosy a picture of Obama. Yes it's true that Obama called for the left to pressure him once, to pull him towards progressive policy, but on this as on so many other things, he spoke out both sides of his mouth. He also made it very clear, by his own words and through surrogates like Biden and through his cabinet choices, and through the Democratic Party machine, that he was very uncomfortable with lefty pressure, and that his main concern was with pressure from the right. He's much more interested in responding to the right than to the left.

As I see it, the way the political system works in the US is premised on one key factor - the poor and near poor are progressively marginalized from the political process. If this were to change, the political calculus that makes it easy for the Obamas of the world to move ever rightward as they seek to consolidate power would change. But that's the only way it will change.