Friday, July 17, 2009

Sound of the Day: Bobby Womack Live

The Preacher/More Than I Can Stand (Live) - Bobby Womack
This is pure undiluted soul, one of my all-time favorite recordings. Listening to it now, it evokes the kind of small, intimate, smoke-filled clubs that used to be the Friday and Saturday night getaways for grown folks. I can smell the cigarettes and beer coming through my speakers. Listen for the audience reaction and the back & forth as Bobby tells the story (setting up the song) and the way he interacts with the crowd. Notably, it's the women responding most vocally to his tale of being made a cuckold. The horns that first kick in at the 6:24 mark, and then repeat at 6:56 and 7:45 absolutely slay me. "The police say we got to go; it's ten after two... Well, tell the police to come on in..."

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