Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soundtrack For a Summer Day

Since I posted this, Youtube has apparently been instructed to remove the content for the first clip. I'm leaving the post up as-is, though. Anyone who reads it and is interested in hearing the music is encouraged to go to Youtube and search out newly uploaded clips, or to just google and see if you can't download the music from somewhere. It's worth the effort. -- EH

I knew nothing about Elkin & Nelson (real life brothers Javier Marin Velez and Leon Marin Velez) until this morning, when Josh Kun posted a YouTube clip of their work. Oh, man... Sent me on a trek to listen to as much of their stuff as I could before I jet to an appointment. This is just some of what I found. I'm definitely digging deeper as soon as I can. Here's what little biographical info I could find online:

Arriving in Spain from Colombia in the early 70s. Elkin (Javier Marin Velez), with his brother Nelson (Leon Marin Velez), established themselves on the Spanish music scene. Fusing hot Latin songs with influences from James Brown, Santana, Afro-Cuban and Jazz-Funk, success in Spain and Latin America saw many number one albums including "Jibaro". Thanks to the '88-89 Ibiza Balearic Beat scene, DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong re-discovered "Jibaro". Elkin & Nelson also performed on some of the biggest hits with The Gibson Brothers - "Cuba", "Que Sera Mi Vida" and "Ooh! What A Life". Elkin is now based in Mumbai (Bollywood), India.

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