Sunday, March 27, 2011

Redemption Songs

The news is so fucking grim all around the world. It wears you down. Drains you of hope, even as images of protest and justified, righteous rebellion pour in from across the globe. Shit's whirring through the fans and we are so clearly at a crucial crossroads. We must be clear, though; the world ain't ending. Mama Earth may well be shrugging the parasites known as humans off her tit... but the world ain't ending. Still, you want to know that your fellow humans are putting up the good fight, resisting the bullshit government/corporate machinations that reduce the bulk of us to cogs in the service of a few. You want to draw strength and inspiration from those who are doing work that shifts our collective consciousness toward awareness of and reverence for our connectedness, reclaiming notions of worth and value that have nothing to do with material possessions. I found two clips this week that gave me a glimmer of hope, and then I went old-school to one of the premiere poet/prophets of our time. Peace...

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