Friday, December 16, 2011

A very cool poem...

One of the cool things about what I do for a living is that I get to meet some very dope people, and sometimes hang out with them for a bit. Earlier this year I was introduced to the poet Douglas Kearney (of whose work I am a big fan) and we've had some really amazing conversations since then. For me, it's just been a real pleasure hanging out with a heterosexual Negro male who is genuinely non-plussed by faggotry. (They ain't rare, but they can be hard to find...) Turns out, he's really been taking notes when we talked. (They ain't rare, but they can be hard to find...) He just sent me this poem, which he dedicates to me and my ace boon coon, Tisa Bryant -- who's also his colleague at Cal Arts, here in LA. Click the image to enlarge it. The poem will soon be published in a chapbook called Skinmag, and I'll keep you posted on when that drops and where you can cop it.


Teka said...

So glad you started up your blog again. It's already looking to be a great new year.

Raquefella said...

Love DK.

Hey Ernest, been missing your posts on FB but will peep you here more often. Hope you're having a good winter and wishing you lots of love for the end of 2011 and a fabulous 2012.
Big hug,