Thursday, August 09, 2007

Updated blog... soon

The last few weeks have been hectic as hell. Tomorrow (August 10) we're sending out the unedited galley of Blood Beats Vol. 2 to a handful of folks for blurbs. Still have to clear a few samples. I don't wanna be singing Erykah's line from Love of My Life, "... but the shit didn't clear!" And we are still very much on track for the October publication date. (I'd like to big-up Gordy...)

There's been so much cool and crazy-making shit that I've wanted to blog about but I haven't had the time or energy to write coherently ... There's the transparent, they-don't-even-give-a-fuck-enough-to-hide-it racism in the prosecution of the "murder and consipiracy" cases against the black youth from Jena high school in Louisiana... the DVD release, at long last, of Isaac Julien's classic art-house/queer-cinema/Harlem Renaissance essay Looking for Langston, from the good folks over at Strand Releasing... the land grab taking place in New Orleans, as taxes that are as much as 17 times the standard rate are being levied on the folks that are still there... the amazing writer's retreat I attended a few weeks ago in Austin, Texas (which I am going to blog about soon)... My morphing and down-graded opinion on Amy Winehouse (though I do love the fact that she is both clearly conflicted by and unconcerned about the rules of the game)... the Marcus Patrick spread in Playgirl being on it's way to claiming "best-selling issue ever" for that magazine, just as he hits the big screen this weekened as an omni-sexual nightclub guru / sexual pied piper in the Rosario Dawson flick, Descent. (Do not pay money to see this pretentiousness on the big-screen. Net-flix it in six minutes when it goes to DVD and you can fast-forward to the last ten minutes, the best part of the film)...
The hit that Ledisi has on her hands with her new single, "Alright," which ain't even the best track on her fantastic new good CD, Lost and Found, which drops August 31... and the ever growing Duggar family, who inspired the image below (about three puppies ago):
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I'm out for now. Will update the blog very, very soon.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on Descent and Marcus Patrick. I'd want to watch him in the privacy of my home anyway...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello Honey!!!It's Ledisi
My album cover is nothing compared to Marcus Patrick.Thank you for mentioning my album.I posted your Blog on the messageboard.You are a gem never ever change.

p.s- the candel in the middle is driving me well..I would say bananas but that ain't gon' work.Dang!!!God ain't in this.LOL!!!He might have made this but he had nothing to do with how it's being displayed.LOL!!!Muah!Try and be good.